The Amsterdamse Frisdrank Fabriek is a small traditional brewery specializing in craft-brewing and bottling natural soft drinks.


AFF has its own laboratory for preparing aromas, colourings and flavourings from natural ingredients. Where other soft drinks manufacturers often stop at just blending ingredients before bottling, AFF takes it a step further. We import various plants with specific tastes and/or functions from all over the world.

Pilot & bottling tools

The Amsterdamse Frisdrank Fabriek is equipped with pilot units that make it possible to directly create product flows from natural ingredients, using various methods, such as extraction, filtration and concentration. In addition, AFF has its own small bottling facility where the drinks can be pack-aged in bottles of all kinds of sizes.

From idea to product

We have a dedicated team of herbalists, microbiologists and process experts ready to assist you with the development of your own drink. From idea to product: AFF, your professional partner will get it done!